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Flexible magnetic sheets, which are most commonly used for refrigerator magnets, combine ceramic ferrite magnet powder with a flexible thermoplastic binder. The flexible nature of the material allows it to be formed into intricate, tight-tolerance shapes. However, the magnetic strength is weaker than a solid ceramic magnet because these magnetic sheets are made from an alloy of ceramic ferrite material, In spite of this, magnetic sheets are considered extremely versatile and can be put to use in many applications.

At Jobmaster Magnets, magnetic sheets are available in 24 inch widths, with adhesive laminate. They come in both white and colored vinyl for printing. They are primarily used in the production of advertising displays, labels and signs. All can be die cut, silk screened, pad printed and hot stamped. Flexible magnetic sheets are always cut to length. Thinner products are suitable for ink jet printers, while thicker versions are appropriate for vehicle signs.

Magnetic sheets on cars are fast becoming the preferred choice for advertising. They can be put on the metallic part of the vehicle and they cause no damage. Wherever the car goes, the advertisement goes with it, and many eyes will be exposed to your message.

However, magnetic sheets should be peeled away from the vehicle's surface everyday. This ensures that the vehicle and the sheet are free of roadway debris. Dirt, trapped between the magnetic sheet and the vehicle can damage your car's finish. If you do not peel away the sheet on a daily basis, the magnetic bond between the sheet and your vehicle will keep increasing, and the sheet can become locked tight to the vehicle surface.

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