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05 Aug / 2019 Programs for Recycling Rare Earth Metals

Written By: klabusch Category: Rare Earth Magnets

Have you ever wondered if you can recycle magnets? Previously, old magnets could not be recycled to reuse the rare earth metals inside them, but new methods have been developed that have made it worthwhile to reuse the material inside magnets.

09 Jul / 2019 Factors That Affect the Strength of a Magnet

Written By: klabusch Category: Magnets

Magnets are one of the most fascinating objects on the planet. The strength they possess is outstanding and we utilize them for a number of different purposes every day, including for MRI machines, powering speakers, keeping tight seals, as well as a wide variety of applications in manufacturing and even in outer space. Magnets are truly an integral part of daily life and how many of our processes continue to function.

Science is a fascinating aspect of life but it may not seem that way to every child. Comprehending science concepts can be difficult for, or uninteresting to some kids. That’s where magnetic experiments can be a creative way to help make science more fun.


07 May / 2019 How are Magnets Used in the Automotive Industry?

Written By: klabusch Category: Magnets

Vehicles need to be safer and more efficient than ever. Magnets are used in the automotive industry to achieve these goals and ensure a smoother car experience for us all.

Find out more about how exactly they’re used and why they’re important not only for vehicle safety but also efficiency.

26 Mar / 2019 Do Magnets Work in Outer Space?

Written By: msilvestro Category: Magnets

Magnets can be used in space. Learn more about how magnets work in space from Jobmaster Magnets.

21 Mar / 2019 Neodymium Magnet vs. Ferrite Magnet

Written By: msilvestro Category: Neodymium Magnets

What are the differences and benefits of neodymium magnets and ferrite magnets? Which is better for your project? Learn more from Jobmaster Magnets.

18 Mar / 2019 Things to Do with Neodymium Magnets

Written By: msilvestro Category: Neodymium Magnets


Things to Do with Neodymium Magnets


Neodymium magnets are the most popular rare-earth magnet. They are so popular that you can find them hiding in unusual places around your home. Once you find them, you can use them for interesting science experiments, practical DIY projects and to hang home décor. Check out these fun neodymium magnet projects.

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