Customized Magnets

Find Customized Flexible Strip Magnets

Clients in a diverse range of industries need customized magnet assemblies for countless industrial applications. At Jobmaster Magnets, we have the skills and production facilities to create what you need and get it to you quickly. Using our proven custom process, we can deliver low-volume and high-volume orders rapidly and reliably.

Simply start by telling us what you need, whether it's a flexible strip or sheet, ceramic, channel and base, rare earth, high energy, ferrite or electrical product. Our expert design team will create a workable plan, then build a prototype that will be exposed to every imaginable test of strength, functionality and durability. Once we've mastered the design, we'll proceed to fill your order using our industry-leading manufacturing and packaging technologies.

Beyond customized magnets, we carry an in-house inventory of over 1 million units, and we can fill large or small orders for flexible sheet and strip, ceramic and ferrite products and much more quickly and cost-effectively. Because we offer such a diverse range of products and have the expertise to fashion units of the highest quality on-site, we help our clients simplify their supply chains and run their businesses more efficiently. All our products come with a quality guarantee and craftsmanship that sets the industry benchmark.

Customized Magnets From a Recognized Industry Leader

To learn more about our products and services, contact a customer service specialist toll-free by calling 1-866-526-7164.

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