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An electromagnet is a type of a temporary magnet where the magnetic field is produced by the flow of an electric current. This magnetic field disappears when the current stops.

Industrial electromagnets are used in heavy industry, such as steel-works, to move large pieces of iron or steel.

Electromagnetic cranes are also used in junkyards, where a crane with a huge electromagnet will pick up, move and drop old, junked cars. Small electromagnets are also used in electronic items like televisions, ccomputer batteries and engines.

Find the right electromagnet for your application

At Jobmaster Magnets, you can find an extensive range of electromagnets for all applications. The electromagnets maufacturer small round flat face, rectangular and bi-polar types in 12 and 24 volt DC. Larger units are offered in 110 volt DC. Custom wound electromagnetic units are also available, as well as rectifier controllers and power supplies.

In case you'd like an electromagnet customized to fit a specific purpose, we can do that for you as well. We carry the following types of electromagnets:

  • Rectangular Electromagnets: Provide positive holding power and high responsiveness in numerous manual or automatic applications.
  • Round Electromagnets: Available in a variety of sizes, these electromagnets deliver concentrated holding power and high responsiveness in manual or automatic applications.
  • Bipolar Electromagnets: Due to their extended poles, these types of electromagnets are designed to handle round parts, parts with uneven surfaces, and odd shaped parts.
  • Low Profile Electromagnets: Built for corrosion prevention and a continuous duty cycle, and is best for sheet metal, but can be used as a single unit for small work, or in multiples on a spreader bar for larger workpieces.
  • Flat Face Electromagnets: This type of electromagnet should only be used on flat, smooth material where the entire magnet face is in contact. They can be used in manual or automated applications.

To find out more about our entire electromagnets supplies, please go through our online catalogue. It includes a picture of each product, along with its specifications. If you see a specific design that appeals to you, you can request a quote online. If you're not sure what electromagnet would be best suited for your needs, you can speak directly with a customer service agent at 1-866-526-7164. We'll be happy to give you valuable advice and suggestions.

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