Ceramic (Ferrite) Magnets

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Ceramic is one of the most commonly used materials for magnets. When compared to other types of magnets, they offer the best value. They are reasonably priced, possess moderate magnetic strength and are resistant to corrosion. Ceramic magnets can be easily magnetized in a variety of formats. In addition, they are also resistant to external demagnetization fields due to their high Intrinsic Coercive Force. They perform well at high temperatures, with a maximum service temperature of 450 Celsius. High resistance and low cost make ceramic magnets the best choice for all kinds of electromechanical applications.

Jobmaster Magnets is the only designer and manufacturer of customized magnets in Canada. We've provided service to industries that are as diverse as our range of products. We have an inventory of more than a million magnets ranging from our permanent stock of ceramic magnets to rare earth magnets. This makes our product line the most extensive on the market. We can provide magnets off the shelf, and take on custom orders for industries such as manufacturing, automation, food, and plastics, just to name a few.

We stock a wide range of ceramic magnets in blocks, discs and rings. For full details on product specifications and price, visit our online catalogue. You can also request a quote by submitting the necessary information on our website. When you come to Jobmaster Magnets, you are guaranteed nothing less than the highest quality of ceramic magnets. All manufacturing is done with quality control systems and complies with current MPA standards. For more information, please call 1-866-526-7164.

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