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High energy magnets are ideal for applications involving sensors, motors, actuators, electronics, latches and appliances. Using strontium ferrite to achieve its high-resistance power, high energy magnets are an inexpensive way to meet the needs posed by everyday conditions. While they're not recommended for applications involving unusually hot temperatures because of their relatively low Curie point, these products are very durable, offering chip, crack and shatter resistance and ease of use. They usually appear in strip form, though you can also get them in sheets.

Neodymium units are examples of rare earth products, and are very powerful. Using a mixture of components including neodymium, boron and iron, they're principally used in the electronics and automotive industries. They offer better heat resistance than their high energy counterparts because of their higher Curie point.

High Energy Magnets with High Resistance for Industrial Applications

At Jobmaster Magnets, we've either got it in stock or we'll build it specially for you. We maintain an inventory of over 1 million products at all times, including a complete and diverse range of units to meet the needs of virtually any industrial or commercial application. Our in-house team of design and engineering experts also has the capability to build custom products from scratch for clients. Simply let us know what you need the magnet to do and we'll deliver it--quickly and at an affordable price.

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