Magnetic Assemblies

Get Custom Magnetic Assemblies

A magnetic assembly is a fusion of components and steel parts that is permanently bonded together to create a customized or application-specific product. These solutions are ideal for clients who need to use a unique design to achieve proper functionality. At Jobmaster Magnets, we have the engineering expertise and facilities to deliver the highest-quality products, whether you need one assembly or 1,000 assemblies.

Our design team creates custom solutions using rigorous testing and quality-control processes to ensure each product performs at the highest possible level, permanently. The magnetic assembly design process begins by drafting the physical structure of the magnet and building a prototype, which is then refined as necessary to eliminate any possible flaws. Then, using our state-of-the-art facilities and the top technological tools available, we create, package and ship the end product directly to you.

High Quality Magnetic Assemblies Design for Custom Solutions, Products

At Jobmaster Magnets, we also provide retail bar coding services and a variety of machining and metal fabrication applications. We've also got the capability to provide our clients with Waterjet cutting services that harness the most powerful and up-to-date technologies available today.

Whether you need a channel and base product or want to choose from an existing inventory of over 1 million items that includes everything from electromagnets to high energy strip and flexible sheet products, you can contact a customer service representative for further information. You can reach us toll-free by calling 1-866-526-7164.

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