Customized Magnetic Assemblies

Sometimes a magnet on its own isn’t enough for your application. In many manufacturing processes, customized magnetic assemblies are required for the right combination of:

  • Strength
  • Function
  • Longevity

Tell us what your application requires and we’ll hand you a few customized magnetic assemblies to choose from.

What is a custom magnet assembly?

A custom assembly usually consists of a magnet and a non-magnetic material working together to enhance each other. Magnets tend to do one thing. So if your application requires more than force holding two things together, a non-magnetic material is required. Application specific features are easily incorporated into the non-magnetic materials, which usually house the magnet. They also buffer the brittle magnet from workload stress, increasing lifespan and enhancing magnetic forces.

Complete manufacturing transparency

Your customized magnetic assemblies are designed and built right here at our onsite manufacturing plant. You can see the quality control measures that ensure your product is delivered as promised, on time. Whether your application calls for 1 assembly or 1,000, we have the capacity to accelerate production and deliver large orders in tight timeframes.

Get the equipment your business needs to thrive

Call us today to talk about your application. We’ll help you figure out the most cost effective solution for your customized magnetic assemblies. Get a handful of options and choose the one you think brings the most value to your process. A member of our team is ready to help you out right now.

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