Top Uses for Ceramic Magnets at Home

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Magnets are useful in all sorts of ways around the house. These are the top ways ceramic magnets can make life easier in your home. 

Magnets are everywhere, and we all probably take their adaptability for granted.

You can use them for all kinds of boring things, and lots of unusual things as well.

You’ll find them in generators, alternators, brushless motors and assemblies for lifting or separating items, but that’s not all.

Where do our customers use magnets?

Got a problem? Magnets to the rescue, maybe

Working on a project at home requiring a lot of nails? No doubt some will get away from you. The last place you want to find one is in your car tire. Run a strong magnet over the worksite and any walking paths outside so you don’t drag a nail into the path of a car, or a foot.

Lost your stud finder? If the building uses metal studs, you can find them reliably with a ceramic magnet.

And if your screw gun doesn’t have one of those fancy magnetized grips, glue a magnet to the bottom and you just upgraded to something way more convenient.

Plus, you can just pin the blueprints for your renovation to the fridge or the hood of a vehicle so they don’t blow away.

I’m not working on a home reno, so what good are magnets to me?

If you work on a farm, you can protect your tractor’s engine by placing a ceramic magnet in the oil pan. It will attract steel bits and stop them from grinding the pistons to shreds.

Stick a flexible magnet sheet across the air vents in empty rooms in your house and save money on heating and cooling.

How cluttered is your fridge door? If it’s not covered in photos, it should be. Small and strong neodymium magnets can handle the weight of postcards and several photos each, so your fridge can be a gallery of memories.

Rescue your rings from the drain by fishing them out with a strong magnet.

How about a fun science experiment for your kids

Did you know you can actually measure the amount of iron in breakfast cereal?

Pulverize a cup of cereal in the blender and spread the dust across the kitchen table. Run a magnet through the dust and see how much iron the magnet picks up. Compare different cereals to see if those with bigger numbers listed on the ingredients actually deliver.

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