Glue Your Rare Earth Magnets in 3 Easy Steps

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Glue Your Rare Earth Magnets in 3 Easy Steps

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In many instances, glue and adhesives are used to help keep magnets in place.

It may seem like a simple task, but there is a specific way to go about applying adhesive to magnets to prevent loss of strength and hold.

Have you ever asked yourself…

-          How can I safely glue magnets?

-          What is the most effective way to glue magnets?

-          What type of glue is the highest quality?

-          Which glue type is best for my specific magnet?

…If you have, then this blog is for you, so keep on reading.

Before you begin…

Before you do anything, here are some basic tips about gluing magnets.


-          Make sure the surfaces being bonded are clean and dry

-          Roughen up the surface

-          Don’t place your magnets near ferrous materials while they dry


-          Use a hot glue gun for your magnets! The extreme heat of the glue can demagnetize your magnets

1. Prep the surface

Without going into magnet types and glue types, you need to prep the surfaces you will be working with.

It does not matter which type of glue or magnet you will be working with, if you do not have a properly prepped surface, it simply won’t work.

Here’s how to prep your surface:

1.      Clean and degrease the surface with a solvent designed specifically to degrease

2.      Roughen up the surface to add texture for the glue and magnet to adhere better

3.      Clean and degrease the surface a second time

4.      Dry thoroughly

2. Roughen up your magnet surface

Regardless of which adhesive you choose for your magnets, all adhesives require a coarse surface to attach to.

Prior to applying any glue, be sure to roughen the smooth and shiny surface of your magnets. That way, the hold will be stronger.

To roughen the surface, any household item will do. We recommend sanding with sandpaper or scratching with a sharp nail or screw.

Don’t forget to clean the magnet after roughening to get all of the debris off before applying glue!

3. Know what you’re gluing your magnet to

It’s important to remember that adhesives perform differently on different materials. Before you choose your adhesive, make sure it is suitable for the material you would be applying the glue and magnet to.


Using a two-part epoxy glue works best. When gluing metals, it is especially important to create a coarse surface for the glue to stick to.


It’s important to realize that some plastics are easier to adhere to than others. Generally two-part epoxy glue works best. Whatever you do, do not use double-sided tape!


Any type of super glue works best.


Use a two-part epoxy glue or a softer glue to adhere magnets to rubber.


Any two-part epoxy glue works best. A good tip is to drill or bore a hole into the wood and sink the magnet in place. This helps it adhere better and creates a stronger, longer-lasting hold.


Possibly the most difficult material to glue magnets to is fabric. Using a two-part epoxy glue will be your best bet, but it is not guaranteed to work. It all depends on the type of fabric, size of the magnet, and your unique conditions.

Important to note

-          Alcohol or common cleaners are not strong enough to clean and degrease

-          To check if the surface is prepped properly, do the water test: A surface is properly prepped if it gets wet, but does not bead up

Want to learn more?

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