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03 Oct / 2018 Top Uses for Ceramic Magnets at Home

Written By: msilvestro Category: Magnets

Magnets are useful in all sorts of ways around the house. These are the top ways ceramic magnets can make life easier in your home. 

23 Nov / 2017 Top 6 Uses for Ceramic Magnets (VIDEO)

Written By: msilvestro Category: Magnets

Ceramic magnets are some of the most versatile, affordable magnets available today. Here’s all you need to know, plus the top uses for these magnets.

24 Mar / 2014 Special magnet coatings are sometimes used…

Written By: klabusch Category: Custom Magnets

Special Magnet Coatings Are Sometimes Used...

Magnets are typically used in a raw form, uncoated. But in some cases, depending on the intended use and the elemental makeup of the magnet, specialized coatings are required.

12 Nov / 2018 How to Properly Maintain Your Magnets

Written By: msilvestro Category: Magnets

Whether we know it or not, magnets play a major role in our lives. They have a vast array of uses in a variety of industries, but like anything, they need to be taken care of and maintained to last. Here are some simple tips on how you can take care of your magnets to expand their lifespan.


11 Feb / 2014 How Does Temperature Affect Different Magnets?

Written By: klabusch Category: Rare Earth Magnets

How Does Temperature Affect Different Magnets?

The relationship between magnetic strength and ambient temperature is somewhat complicated. If you are in need of a magnet, however, it is important for you to understand how temperatures affect the strength of different types of magnets before choosing a product. This will allow you to choose the magnet that offers the best value and performance for your situation.

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