The Pros and Cons of Alnico Magnets | Are Alnico Magnets Right for Your Job?

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For a while, alnico was the strongest permanent magnet available. They’re still widely used today in motors, sensors, bearings and more. Find out if they’re right for your job here.

Alnico magnets are used less commonly than stronger, rare earth magnets.

Although they aren’t as strong, they perform more reliably than rare earth magnets in several applications.

You’ll find them used in specific roles such as high temperature handling equipment and manufacturing of sensors.

Are they right for your application?

H2: Pros & cons of alnico magnets


  • Excellent temperature stability up to 1,000F.
  • High residual induction.
  • Does not corrode.
  • Cast alnico magnets can be produced in relatively complex shapes.         


  • Can be more easily demagnetized than other magnetic materials.
  • Relatively costly, as they contain both nickel and cobalt.
  • Cast alnico magnets often have casting pores and voids, which can be problematic for appearance and magnetic flux.

H2: What is alnico?

Alnico is a combination of Al (aluminium), Ni (nickel), and Co (cobalt).

It can be cast into complex shapes and used in niche applications where electromagnets aren’t practical and rare earth magnets can’t fit.

H2: Common applications for alnico magnets

Alnico still performs better than electromagnets and rare earth magnets in specific conditions (like under extreme heat). They are still used commonly in these high temperature operating conditions, in applications like:

  • Electric motors
  • Microphones
  • Engineering applications
  • Aerospace applications
  • Military
  • Sensors
  • Bearings

H2: How is it made?

Alnico magnets are made through casting or sintering processes.

Cast magnets are manufactured by pouring a molten metal alloy into a mold and further processing it through various heat cycles. The end product is a magnet with a dark gray exterior with a rough surface, it can be machined to a high gloss, if your application requires it.

Get the right magnet for your job

Rare earth magnets might not be the best choice, depending on the environmental conditions you need them to perform in.

Alnico might be your best bet. Just because they aren’t common doesn’t mean they won’t excel in your application.

Choose from a variety of alnico magnets or custom manufacture your order to your exact specs. We can help you get exactly what you need.

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