Ceramic Ferrite Magnets | Cost Efficient and Extremely Effective

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The lowest cost hard magnets available today, Ceramic Ferrite magnets perform beautifully in many functions. Learn about them here before making your purchase.

Cost effective, effective ceramic ferrite magnets.

Thinking of placing an order for Ceramic Ferrite magnets? Make sure they’re right for your purpose by learning the most important characteristics.

These hard magnets are used for plenty of consumer and commercial applications, including:

·         Latches.

·         Displays.

·         Motors.

·         Lifting.

·         Toys.

·         Games.

·         Advertising.

·         Crafts.

…and more.

So before you make your purchase, what should you know?

Are they temperature stable?

Ceramic magnets can be used at relatively high temperatures

What are the notable characteristics?

Ceramic magnets sit somewhere in the middle of the pack in terms of magnetic strength. The most attractive feature is price. They are low cost, making them perfect for use in all the applications noted above.

Because they are low cost, many buyers stock up to maintain a supply larger than they need for the current project. It saves money on shipping and leaves magnets available for the next project with no downtime.

What shapes are available?

·         Block.

·         Disc.

·         Ring.

These are the most commonly requested shapes, but we can machine ceramic magnets to meet your requirements.

What are the most common applications?

We find most buyers report using ceramic for:

·         Motors.

·         Generators and alternators.

·         Clamps.

·         Switches and relays.

·         Magnetic couplings.

·         Promotional items.

·         Latches.

·         Display boards.

They are also often used in low cost disposable projects, like refrigerator magnets, craft projects,  and similar.

Can they be custom shaped?

They can! But it takes special machinery and unique skills to do it without destroying these brittle, hard magnets.

If you need a strange shape, don’t hesitate to ask.

Is it possible to bond my ceramic magnets together?

Yes. Ceramic magnets are commonly assembled into more complex products using structural adhesives.

If you plan to bond them, ensure you clean and dry the surface of the magnet thoroughly.

Still interested?

If ceramic ferrite magnets are the right solution for your application, get in touch with us or place your order online today.

It’s a quick and easy process and you’ll have your shipment on no time.

Our vast inventory of more than a million magnets, makes us a leading magnet supplier in the industry.
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