Factors That Affect the Strength of a Magnet

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Magnets are one of the most fascinating objects on the planet. The strength they possess is outstanding and we utilize them for a number of different purposes every day, including for MRI machines, powering speakers, keeping tight seals, as well as a wide variety of applications in manufacturing and even in outer space. Magnets are truly an integral part of daily life and how many of our processes continue to function.

Have you ever wondered what affects the strength of a magnet? Does its shape or size matter? Can you make a magnet even stronger? Find out below.

Does the Shape of a Magnet Affect its Strength?

Quite simply stated, yes. The shape of a magnet does affect its strength. If a magnet has a more pointed end, that end will be stronger than the rest of the magnet. This is because the shape affects the distribution of the magnetic energy in the space it occupies.

The stereotypical u-shaped magnet that is portrayed in cartoons, is generally known as the most effective. This is due to the magnetic field concentrated between the poles, thus creating a stronger field.

How to Make a Magnet Stronger

Other than changing the size of the magnet to something bigger, it’s also possible to make a magnet stronger by choosing and combining the correct materials.

Here are a few different ways to make a magnet stronger:

  • For an iron bar magnet, add water to a bowl or pan. Put something that will float on the water in the bowl. Lay the magnet on top. The magnet will spin until it points directly north and south. Take the magnet out carefully and strike one end with a hammer. This will lessen the magnetic domains until it points absolutely north, like it should.
  • To recharge a magnet, find a very strong magnet and rub it across the weakened magnet repeatedly. This will realign the magnetic domains in the weak magnet.
  • Another way to make weak magnets stronger is by stacking them. This can be tough, as magnets attract each other in opposite directions, which can weaken them. But if you can find a way to clamp or hold them together so they’re aligned in the same direction, this can produce magnets with an even stronger magnetic field

Magnet size and strength can be utilized in a variety of ways for a number of applications, including storing data in computers to heavy duty excavators and magnetic torquers for satellites in space.

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