Do You Need a Custom Magnet?

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Do You Need a Custom Magnet?

Is a custom magnet required for your application, or is there a stock product to fit your needs? Learn about how we can help you determine which option is best.

Custom Magnet

We get asked all the time for custom magnets. It’s a good thing to see people trying to use magnetics to provide solutions to problems and we love to get asked that question, but  sometimes getting a custom magnet is not required.

Here’s how to understand when a custom magnet is a requirement and when something off-the-shelf may be a better choice.

Evaluating Your Needs

The first thing we always ask is ‘what is the function of the magnet in your application?’ - we need to understand what you need the magnet to do.

Evaluating Your NeedsThere are many, highly varied functions of magnets:

  • Securing something in place
  • Acting as a fastener- holding a door closed
  • Use in sensors
  • Lifting or moving

 Next, we will want get a picture of the environment the magnet will be used in:

  • Is it indoors or outdoors?
  • Is it used in hot, cold, or a wide range of temperatures?
  • Will it come in contact with moisture?
  • Will it be shipped?
  • Does it require coatings or paint?

This is really just scratching the surface! Once we start to discuss your needs, we will get a clear understanding of what may work for you. Our team is well versed in the applications of our stock products, and might be able to save some of your budget by recommending a premade product that has been proved for your application, rather than a slightly more expensive custom design.

Acquire a Sample

Many times it is possible to get a basic understanding of the project and use a stock magnet to prove the concept. If we can get a magnet into your hands to try, many times (our experience tells us) , it will work and we have an efficient & quick solution.

If the stock magnets didn’t work out, now you need a custom magnet. The results of the test using a sample should tell us exactly what custom design requirements we have to meet.

When You Really Need a Custom Magnet

With our onsite deisgn and manufacturing facility, Jobmaster gives you an advantage for the times when a custom designed magnet really is required for your application.

All designs are completed using data and feedback from the customer, and our vast range of magnet experience to address the challenges and timelines of your project.

If you think you need a custom magnet, contact us and be ready to discuss some of the details and we can get you on the road to a quick solution.

Our vast inventory of more than a million magnets, makes us a leading magnet supplier in the industry.
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