Choosing Your Magnetic Strip for Shelf Labeling

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Choosing Your Magnetic Strip for Shelf Labeling

Magnets have become very popular for their use in warehouse shelf labeling. Learn our tricks for choosing the best material.

One of the fastest growing concepts in warehouse management is the use of removable / replaceable shelf labels. In order for this to be a reliable and effective method of labeling, it needs to be done right.

Here are some tips we’ve learned to make sure your shelf labeling solution is effective:

Safe Time, Effort & Money By Working in Round & Even Increments

If you are generating your own labels and you have some flexibility with the sizing, try to work around even dimensional increments. We stock many sizes of magnetic material that can be used for labelling, but usually in increments like ½”, ¾” 1”, 2” etc..

If you really want a label that is 2- 3/8” x 4-1/4” we can make you a magnet to fit, but a 2” x 4” is faster, easier and less expensive. We understand that some labels are standardized in size and shape. We have a full in-house die cutting department that can meet your custom needs.

Choose the Product that Makes the Most Sense For Your Application

If you generate your own labels and you have the choice of using adhesive or non-adhesive label stock, we can accommodate your choice. We can provide you with labels plain or pre-applied with a peel and stick adhesive.  If you don’t want to make your own labels, but want to write them out by hand, we can cover you there too.

We offer cut to length, scored and re-rolled (kiss cut) and uncut bulk rolls if you want to cut your own. Think about what would make your use of the product easier, and have us do some of the work for you!

We offer a dry erase white material so you can use white board markers for the ultimate in ease of use.  Watch our video below to learn more.

Consider the Material of Your Warehouse Racking

Most warehouse racking is smooth, but there are also racks out there that have ribs for stiffening. If you are confronted with this, our 1/16” thick material (0.060”) will still do a fine job. Its thicker profile is more rugged than the thinner sheet materials and should perform well on ribbed and smooth racking.

If you can’t decide what material you require, let us send you a sample. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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