Choosing the Best Vendor for Your Magnet Purchase

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Magnets are magnets. The vendor you work with really makes your experience. Price, quality, delivery and service all matter, and that entirely depends on the business you decide to work with. 

Choosing the best vendor for your magnet purchase

If you operate an industrial/commercial process, chances are you want to build relationships with the vendors supplying your parts.

Greater familiarity with your application means they can help you with product recommendations and improved service.

Getting your magnets is just part of finding the right vendor. You also need to think about:

  • The cost of the magnet.
  • The quality of the product you receive.
  • Speed of delivery.
  • Responsiveness of service team.

When you shop around, take a little time to talk to your potential vendor and get a feel for the way they treat clients. The relationship could last many years, so good chemistry matters.

Cost, quality and delivery

?Cost, quality and delivery are front of mind for most commercial buyers.

Your vendor should have some way to show clear value in each category.

For example, we operate a complete manufacturing facility in-house, so we offer competitive pricing, controlled quality and accountable timelines.

This type of value helps us maintain longstanding relationships across industries – some since 1984 – where high volume, cost-sensitive solutions matter.

Lowest price isn’t always the best value. We don’t always offer the lowest price. Lower prices can signal lower quality product or product manufactured without accountable quality control measures.

Low quality can cost you extra in the long run, whether through missed deadlines, lost opportunities more frequent equipment repair downtime.

Look for the best balance between price, quality, delivery. It’s the best overall value we want to provide.

Service matters too

You can deal with a faceless vendor, placing orders online without ever talking to a representative.

Many businesses prefer building relationships in todays interconnected economy. The better your suppliers know your business, the better positioned they are to provide better service when you need it.

You should be able to get in touch with your vendor contact whenever you need. If your process is on hold because your magnets don’t perform, crack or fracture, lose attraction, you lose money.

Responsive service from a familiar contact keeps your business running smoothly.  

For most industries, we’re the right solution

When you partner with us, you get access to everything from standard, on-the-shelf magnets to fully integrated magnetic designs.

We offer a distinct advantage to our customers.

Rather than just taking your order, we work to understand your application and conditions your magnets will function in. It allows us to provide valuable insight from our 30+ years experience before you commit to a purchase.

We might recommend a change in design or material, and sometimes we just let you know you’re on the right track.

When we encounter applications similar to some we worked on in the past, we can draw on that experience to smooth out your process, mitigating risk and improving production and customer satisfaction.

With us, your business gets a single, reputable, accountable source for:

  • Machining
  • Assembly
  • Inspection
  • Packaging
  • Design
  • Engineering

Plus, the cost, quality, delivery and service – adding up to the value your business needs.

Choosing the right vendor is just as important as finding the right magnet itself.

Our vast inventory of more than a million magnets, makes us a leading magnet supplier in the industry.
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