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23 Nov / 2017 Top 6 Uses for Ceramic Magnets (VIDEO)

Written By: msilvestro Category: Magnets

Ceramic magnets are some of the most versatile, affordable magnets available today. Here’s all you need to know, plus the top uses for these magnets.

24 Mar / 2014 Special magnet coatings are sometimes used…

Written By: klabusch Category: Custom Magnets

Special Magnet Coatings Are Sometimes Used...

Magnets are typically used in a raw form, uncoated. But in some cases, depending on the intended use and the elemental makeup of the magnet, specialized coatings are required.

11 Feb / 2014 How Does Temperature Affect Different Magnets?

Written By: klabusch Category: Rare Earth Magnets

How Does Temperature Affect Different Magnets?

The relationship between magnetic strength and ambient temperature is somewhat complicated. If you are in need of a magnet, however, it is important for you to understand how temperatures affect the strength of different types of magnets before choosing a product. This will allow you to choose the magnet that offers the best value and performance for your situation.

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