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Home, Office & Hardware

A collection of items that are useful around the Office, at Home or the Workshop. Many of our products have more than one use and we think you will find something that will perform the task at hand.

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BH-500-Ring Neodymium Magnet Assembly-PVC encased
BH-500-Ring PVC encased Neodymium Magnet Assembly 1.8" long x 0.6" wide x 0.7" high   ..
M-M156-Blu PVC Encased Neodymium Magnet Assembly 2.4" long x 0.8" wide x 0.3" high   ..
MC4025 Ceramic Clip Hanger Magnet
MC4025 Ceramic Clip Hanger Magnet 2" long x 1.8" wide x 1" high ..
NEOPAK 40 40 Pack Neo Magnets
NEOPAK 40 40 Pack Neodymium Magnets A 40 piece pack of our most popular neodymium magnet sizes..
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