Custom Magnets

Custom Solutions for Commercial and Personal Use

Your application requires a magnet, but the work environment or some other factor calls for something unique.

Your business needs a custom magnet, built from the ground up directly for your application.

Get in touch with our team to lay out your requirements and we’ll give you a handful of options to choose from.

Experience in your industry

Our team works with leaders in:

  • Automotive assembly.
  • Food packaging and processing.
  • Retail manufacturing.
  • Plastics.
  • Industrial automation.

…and many more.

Chances are we have designed and manufactured prototypes for applications similar to yours. Put that to the test and call today to talk about your unique application.

Get your business the right custom magnet

Tell us as much as possible about your application to get you the best value for your investment.

  • What is the intended use of the magnet?
  • Are there size constraints for mounting or packaging?
  • What kind of environment will it operate in?
  • Do you need more than one, or a regular schedule of replacements down the road?
  • Do you have an existing solution, and are you happy with the way it works?

Details help us narrow down the best solution for you.

Custom magnet not necessary?

Beyond custom magnets, you can sort through over 1 million units stocked in-house.

We can fill large or small orders for flexible sheet and strip, ceramic and ferrite products quickly and cost-effectively.

Working with a single source for your customized ferrite magnet, customized neodymium magnet, or supply of stocked magnets simplifies your supply chain and improves your bottom line. It also gives you the confidence to budget more accurately for recurring expenses.

All our products come with a quality guarantee and craftsmanship that sets the industry benchmark.

Get in touch with our team today to talk about the custom magnet options for your application. If we know of a more cost-effective way to get what you need, we’ll let you know.

Our business thrives when yours does.

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