About Jobmaster Magnets

Magnet Supplier Canada, Magnets Manufacturing​Call us at 905-337-8500 today to discuss your magnet needs - or shop in our online store.

Jobmaster Magnets is the largest magnet supplier in Canada - offering stock magnets, custom magnet manufacturing, design, and packaging.  We help industries across North America including manufacturing, automotive, food, automation and plastics get the best magnets for their business needs.

Our vast inventory of more than a million magnets, as well as our supply of magnetic materials, makes us a leading magnet supplier in the industry.  Such a diverse product line, in combination with our efficient production facility, positions us to meet your “just in time” requirements—for both off the shelf and custom orders.

As we continuously strive to achieve excellence in both product availability and customer satisfaction, Jobmaster offers the following in-house services—regardless of the scope of your project.

  • design and engineering
  • manufacturing and packaging
  • metal fabrication
  • machining
  • waterjet cutting
  • value-added

We're focused on quality in everything we do, and you can count on us for quality products and great service.


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